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Observations Workshop 2007 Session 3

Session 3: Requirements for a shared observational data model

Breakout-Group Products

  • A list of requirements for a shared observational data model


Based on the overall merit and feasibility of developing a shared model for observational data, this session aims at enumerating the specific requirements for the creation and use of a shared model of observational data. Session topics should focus on the: (1) the key characteristics of an observational data model; (2) architectural issues of the data model; and (3) representation technologies for the data model.

Discussion topics

Which aspects of observational data and associated capabilities are best captured and supported by a shared observational data model? Which are better captured and supported within domain-specific extensions of the shared model?

Potential issues:

  • What are the key characteristics of a shared observational data model?
  • What high-priority features should comprise a minimal, base shared model?
  • What lower-priority features should be included (for later inclusion)?
  • Should the model inherently support extensibility, and to what level?
  • What base capabilities should be supported? What constraints do these place on the data model?
  • What are the primary architectural requirements?
  • What modeling language should be used to define the shared data model, and why? (e.g., description logic/Semantic Web languages RDFS, OWL-Lite, OWL-DL, OWL-Full? XML schema? UML? multiple languages?)
  • What formats should be supported (for expressing information in the model)?
  • What other types of constraints should be addressed (e.g., incentives for adoption, access rights, etc)?

Session notes and results

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